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Day: January 25, 2018

Abdominal (Bowel) Sounds

Abdominal (bowel) sounds Bowel sounds are a standard occurrence. But the lack of sounds or regular sounds may indicate an underlying condition within the tract. Or gut, seems refer to noises made during digestion inside the large and small intestines, typically. They’re characterized by sounds which may be like the noises of water. Symptoms of […]

Aarskog Syndrome

What Is Aarskog Syndrome? Aarskog syndrome, or even syndrome, is a genetic disorder caused by a mutation of the X chromosome. This disorder can affect a Individual’s: stature facial features genitalia muscles bones It affects males. Females can develop a milder version of this disease. The symptoms become apparent. Aarskog syndrome is a lifelong condition […]

10 Alternative Treatments for Bipolar Disorder

Overview Some people with bipolar disorder have reported that using treatments provides relief from symptoms. In treating depression, Scientific evidence supports many of the advantages. However, in treating bipolar disorder, the effectiveness requires study. Before starting any treatments, always check with your health care provider. Supplements and remedies might interact with your medication and cause […]

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