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Month: January 2018

About the Birth Control Sponge

What is the birth control sponge? Birth control sponge, or the contraceptive sponge, is a round piece of plastic foam with a loop for elimination. It’s available over the counter in drugstores. The sponge is filled with a spermicide known as nonoxynol-9. You insert the sponge deep in the vagina before intercourse to prevent pregnancy. […]

Z-Track Injections Overview

Overview Right when a drug is imbued particularly into muscle, it is called an intramuscular mixture (IM). The Z-track system is a kind of IM mixture strategy used to abstain from following (spillage) of the arrangement into the subcutaneous tissue (underneath the skin). In the midst of the procedure, skin and tissue are pulled and […]

About Anxiolytics

  Anxiolytics, or anti-anxiety drugs, are a category of drugs used to Alleviate Stress and treat Stress related to several Stress disorders. These medications tend to work and can be habit-forming. Because of this, they’re usually only prescribed for short-term usage. They are not recommended for individuals with a history of dependence or substance abuse. […]

Abortion With Septic Shock

What is abortion with septic shock? Abortion with septic shock is a medical emergency. An abortion is a procedure that ends a pregnancy. Septic shock occurs when an infection overtakes your body and causes very low blood pressure. Septic shock can affect anyone susceptible to the germs that cause infection. When linked with abortion, septic […]

ABO Incompatibility Reaction

What is an ABO incompatibility reaction? These reactions are very rare, because doctors understand the threat of using the wrong blood in a transfusion. There are many precautions in place. Nurse and your physician know to look for symptoms during and after that might mean you’re having a response. This allows them to supply therapy […]

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